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Dear Reader, I will be away from my beloved blog for a few days, visiting family and having a bit of quality time with my husband.  I’ll be back before you know it.  In the meantime … thanks to a recent guest post on TwinDaddy’s Stuphblog by my favorite dilettante, Helena Hann-Basquiat, I’ve been reminded of my favorite Star Wars type movie.  I say “type” because I was never much of a Star Wars fan.  (Well, back in the day, I was very happy to plunk down a few dollars to watch a young Harrison Ford be sexy in a surly sort of way. Now, not so much.)  Anyhoo, for your viewing entertainment:


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  1. Ha! Hardware Wars. My dad used to have a 16 mm projector and he would rent that from the library (14 minutes fit perfectly on one reel). We must have watched it 20 times.

    Oh yeah, have fun and all that crap.



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