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Top Ten Things Not to Do When You Have Allergies

Here is the 45th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do by Marie Ann Bailey of 1WriteWay at and John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites at These lists are simu-published on our blogs each Monday. We hope you enjoy.

a allergy

10. When you have allergies, do not offer to house sit for friends with animals. If you do, at best your sneezing will only cause the animals to hide from you. At worst, you may find yourself in the ER on a respirator trying to remember if you left the front door open.

9.  When you have allergies, do not accept an offer to go for a nice ride in the country. If you do, at best your nice ride will turn into a sneezing nightmare. At worst, your companion will leave you beside the road with your address written on a note pinned to your shirt.

8.  When you have allergies, do not eat anything out unless you know the ingredients. If you do, at best you may have to go home early to get some medicine. At worst, you might cause those around you to panic and call EMS as your face begins to swell and turn purple.

7.  When you have allergies, do not volunteer to drive the hay wagon at the school fundraiser. If you do, at best you will be the source of too many “bless you’s.”  At worst, your sneezing will cause the horses to spook allowing for a runaway wagon and terrified children and adults.

6.  When you have allergies, do not leave home without a spare handkerchief or tissues. If you do, at best you will need to use anything at hand to cover a sneezing fit. At worst, there will be nothing at hand but your hands and you will cause everyone near you to run away in fear as if you have the bubonic plague.

5.  When you have allergies, do not think those who do not have allergies will understand your symptoms. If you do, at best you may get some concerned looks when the sneezing hits. At worst, you might find yourself having to pay for the services of the EMS team called by a well-meaning person.

4.  When you have allergies, do not leave your medicine at home even for a short time. If you do, at best you will get by without any symptoms. At worst, you will find yourself curled in the fetal position praying to be spared another violent sneezing attack.

3.  When you have allergies, do not think you can go on a picnic in the woods. If you do, at best you will survive with only occasional sneezing bouts. At worst, you will be stung by some strange insect and find yourself slowly losing the ability to raise your arms to get your epi-pen.

2.  When you have allergies, do not offer to deliver the flowers on special holidays no matter how heavily medicated. If you do, at best you could have a reaction to an unknown flower and find yourself sneezing all the way to delivery. At worst, by the time you make the delivery, your sneezing will have caused all the blooms to fly off and only the stems will remain of the bouquet.

1.  When you have allergies and are heavily medicated, do not operate heavy machinery. If you do, at best you may embarrass yourself by being too doped up to figure out how to turn on the machinery. At worst, you may just take down one wall too many and have a boss who expects you to pay for the damage.

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Marie A Bailey

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23 replies

    1. Ouch! The cough of an allergy sufferer always sounds so painful. Fortunately my allergies are relatively mild, but annoying. And I never had allergies until I moved to Tallahassee.


      1. Mine were mild until I moved back to NY from Florida. I think I lost my resistance to the local flora. Breathing was an issue two springs ago. Bad enough that we thought I had bronchitis.


  1. Great list, Marie! I completely agree with number 6 after a woman sneezed on me in line at the grocery store…yuck! She didn’t even cover her mouth. 😦 Happy Monday!


  2. Good morning Marie. As a sufferer I can totally relate. One time I had a run of about thirty sneezes and in the middle some guy says, “you contagious?” I could.t answer between laughing and sneezing.


    1. Ha! At least I’ve learned that when someone sneezes like that, it’s like to be allergies. But still, that’s some heavy sneezing 😉


  3. I was once at a theme park and suddenly got a terrible sneezing fit — hay fever. However, I realized that I’d already had a beer. Oh well, I thought, one Benadryl isn’t going to hurt. Well, they say don’t mix with alcohol for a reason, and I nearly fell asleep on a roller coaster. What was worse was that even by the time we went home, I was still having the sneezes — so I took another Benadryl, and promptly slipped into a deep sleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning.
    Good times.


    1. On the bright side, at least you got to sleep and not have the sneezes keep you awake. Still, as you say, it’s better not to mix. I won’t even take ibuprofen if I’ve had anything to drink. That stuff makes me dopey even without alcohol 😉


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