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We have blast off! ‘Zero’ goodies for all!

Here’s an opportunity to assist a young and extremely talented writer as well as her publisher, a great resource for indie writers.

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

First I just want to quickly announce that the ARCs of Zero (synopsis here – everyone likes space pirates, right?) have been emailed out today. Thank you SO MUCH everyone who has agreed to read my little project and review it. I’m so excited to find out how it reads, if not a little nervous too. Above all, I hope you enjoy!

And, the main news for today: it’s launched, folks! Zero‘s publisher, Dagda Publishing, have today launched their Crowd Funding campaign to raise money to market the book.

And, blimey! I know I’m biased, but the perks are pretty dang awesome. By ordering any of the perks, you will not only be contributing to help a very worthy publisher spread its name and continue to create great opportunites for new writers, you will also be helping make sure that everyone who may enjoy Zero will have a…

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