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Book Review Challenge – Writing Book Reviews by Diane Coto from Fictionzeal

And Rosie Amber’s Book Review Challenge continues with Day 4 and Diane Coto!

Rosie Amber

Day 4

Today Diane Coto joins us from Fictionzeal and talks about book reviews. Plus a quick look at Shelfari and I go in deep talking more about what you can look for whilst reading a book ready for a book review.

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Over to you Diane.
1)    Where can readers and writers find your blog?
2)    Where do you post your book reviews as well as your blog?
I provide links back to the review on Twitter; Facebook; Google+; and  Then I provide the review on Amazon; GoodReads; and Shelfari. 
3)    What type of books will you consider for review?
Even though my preferred genre is mystery & suspense, I leave myself open to review outside of my ‘comfort genre.’  I also really enjoy romantic suspense; historical fiction (not Tudor); and many YA books.  I tend to avoid horror and sci-fi.

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