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Top Ten Things Not to do While Waiting Your Turn

Another great list of things not to do by John Howell. If you’ve ever had to wait in line for anything, this list is for you 🙂

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Here is the 59th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do. The inspiration for this came from standing in a number of lines Hope you like it.

Top Ten Things Not to do if You Find Yourself Waiting Your Turn

10 If you are in line at a ferry do not turn off your car. If you do, at best the minute you do, the line will start moving. At worst, your car won’t start and the friendly folks behind you will figure out a way to heave your car over the side of the access terminal into thirty feet of water.

9. If you are in line at the pharmacy do not try to horn in on the confidential medical briefing of the person in front of you. If you do, at best you may hear something that your ears won’t forgive. At worst the store…

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