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Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary

If you recall, last week I posted a story, or rather, memoir, of a young woman wondering whether to send a letter.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  I’ll wait.

Twenty-five years ago, on August 21, the letter writer and the presumed letter recipient married in a small town in California. 

Yup, that little story had a happy ending.  (Really, I doubt that I would have written about it, much less posted it, if there had been an unhappy ending.)

Somewhat gratuitous photo of cats: Maxine and Junior doing the head bump.

Somewhat gratuitous photo of cats: Maxine and Junior doing the head bump.

To celebrate our anniversary, my husband and I are going back to that little town and relive (to the extent that our middle-aged knees and joints will allow) some of our favorite hikes and wanderings.

So in a couple of days I will be dropping off the blogosphere, although I’m sure I’ll bounce up and take a look, maybe leave a comment or two, now and again.  I had hoped to schedule some posts so no one would know that I was playing hooky.  But I have only one post scheduled and it’s part of a blog tour for a friend.

So there we are.  Or I am anyway.  Whatever.

Just know that I will truly be thinking of all of you while I’m away, taking pictures with you in mind, jotting notes for future posts to share.  My heart is full, full of love for my husband, love for the wonderful friends I’ve met online, and, always, always … my cats.  You’ve seen Maxine and Junior.  Here’s another gratuitous cat pic.



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  1. Congratulations Marie to both of you. Twenty-five years is an accomplishment and testimony to the deep love of two people who want to make it work. Enjoy each other’s love and trust. *Hugs to both*


  2. I loved your story and was tickled that it was a real memoir. I love that you still love after 25 years, this is proof of commitment! I love your gratuitous pics – in my opinion there should always be a pic of a pet on a post 🙂 [Yay, my first alliteration for the day!]


    1. Good alliteration! Thanks for your comments. Yes, I’m pretty much bragging about still being in love after all these years … can’t imagine it any other way 🙂


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