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Top Things Not to Do While Working Outside

I missed being able to reblog John Howell’s Monday list of Top Ten Things Not To Do while I was on vacation. Well, if you ever engage in home improvement activities, this list is for you!

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It’s that time of the year again when certain outdoor chores have to be done in preparation for the coming change of seasons. The weather is finally turning a little cooler so the projects put off because of the heat can now be done. This list has been inspired by all the times I have not paid attention to the Top Ten Things Not to do While Doing Outdoor Work and is the 63rd edition

The Top Ten Things Not to Do While Working Outdoors

10 If you need to fix or waterproof your outdoor deck, do not start the work after noon. If you do, at best you will have to work past dinner. At worst, you will quit the project only to find yourself doing the work in the snow.

9 If you need to go up on a ladder for anything, do not ask your spouse…

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