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Sir Terry Pratchett’s Wisdom on Writing Courtesy of Cate Russell-Cole

Click on the following link to read and enjoy a serious of wonderful and inspiring quotes from Sir Pratchett: Sir Terry Pratchett’s Wisdom on Writing.

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I’ve come rather late to the Sir Terry Pratchett party.  I’ve seen  him and his writing discussed on several blogs, but didn’t even have a clue what he wrote until a month ago.  Now I’m a huge fan of his.

First, some background.  I’m a fan of audiobooks.  Best. Thing. Ever.  I love listening to audiobooks while I walk or knit or commute.  If it weren’t for audiobooks, my imaginary worlds be far poorer.  I have a subscription to and when preparing for my recent vacation, I was on the website casting about for some audiobook that could easily entertain or at least distract me if I had any down time, such as on the flights or in the late evening while knitting.  Snuff was on sale.  It sounded like a good old police procedural.  Yeah, even the novel’s description wasn’t enough to clue me in on the world I was about to enter.  And obviously I didn’t look close enough at the cover.

Snuff (Pratchett novel)

Snuff (Pratchett novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first evening I started listening, I was totally blown away:  dwarfs?  trolls? vampires? werewolves?  social commentary on discrimination against other … hmmm … not really people but let’s say, sentient beings? WTF?

What riotous fun Snuff was to listen to!  The narrator, Stephen Briggs, was wonderful, one of those great narrators who doesn’t resort to high-pitch whines when he reads the female characters.  Snuff was so amazing that I want to buy the book (eventually) since oftentimes I literally could not believe my ears at what I was hearing.

To anyone who is a long-time fan of Sir Pratchett’s, my apologies if I sound (as I am) like an idiot for not already knowing of him and all the great work he has done.  To top off my “discovery” of his work, I find that Sir Pratchett is not just an extraordinary writer, but an extraordinary human being.

You don’t have to enjoy fantasy (high or low) or police procedurals or supernatural/paranormal fiction to enjoy Sir Pratchett.  You just have to enjoy good writing, full of humor and heart.  Many thanks to Cate Russell-Cole for posting his quotes!


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    1. You’re welcome, Jill! I have to be careful about the books I listen to. I started listening to An American Tragedy and had to give it up and read an ebook version. It’s a great story, had a great narrator, but the Dreiser’s writing style was difficult to listen to. My mind wandered too much. Snuff is funny and fast-paced, but maybe too much so. I had to frequently “rewind” because there were so many times when I went “huh?”


    1. I do have to be careful with my audio choices. If I’m in bed, I’m likely to fall asleep. If I’m driving, the story can be too distracting. I actually don’t listen to them as much in the car as I used to.


  1. I picked up the first Discworld book based on recommendations by L. Marie. I need to make that my next read! Thanks for the great endorsement, Marie. It’s especially somber though, hearing that Pratchett’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.


  2. Marie I have been a fan for many years and he is the master when it comes to making me laugh, whilst entertaining me as well. I have not read a novel of his in awhile and I think it is time I introduced my daughter to a legend Author. Thanks for reminding me of his pure genius. Loved the quotes, he seems pretty down to earth.


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