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Ten Things Not to Do If You Are Over Seventy Years of Age

A great Top Ten List from John Howell! For the young at heart crowd 🙂

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This list was inspired by having the opportunity to be around some of my peers over the last couple of weeks. Also, Kevin Brennan author of Occasional Soulmates had a great post last Saturday about his 79-year-old mother. You can read that one HERE

10 If you are over seventy, make sure the foreign object you think is in your food is really there. If you don’t, at best the store manager will give you your money back but will give you that “old person” roll of the eyes. At worst, the object turns out to be your glasses that fell off while you were looking closely to find out what it was. This will be discovered by the customer service person surrounded by twenty other shoppers.

9 If you are over seventy, do not think you can ride a bicycle at top speed, wipe out and bounce like you…

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