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Hair Today?

A recent post by my good friend Kevin Brennan inspired me to post this picture of me from 2007.


August in Florida might have had something to do with this.

In my case, it wasn’t bad haircuts that “caused” me to take my husband’s beard trimmer to my head.  It was years of dying my very hair to its “natural” color.  That natural color seemed to get darker with every application, and so my gray roots showed sooner and sooner as well, leading me into a vicious cycle of expensive salon dying and cheap do-it-yourself dying until I just got sick of it.

Nice but a lot of work and $$.

Nice but a lot of work and $$.

It took all of 6 years to get to this length.


You can tell how hard I worked at my hair by all the wrinkles I gained.

And I have absolutely no plans whatsoever to ever “shave” it off again.

Next time I’m frustrated with  my hair, I’ll just put a fruit helmet on.


Green goes well with pink, I think.



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Marie A Bailey

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    1. Oh, Candace, thank you! Yeah, I think the fruit helmet will work to keep me from messing with my hair … well, except for the occasional flash of color 🙂


  1. HA! If it wasn’t so hot here, I would shave my head and wear wigs. I have tried every detangler known to womankind and every wet brush/detangle brush and I absolutely HATE brushing through my wet hair. It is so fine and thin that I look like a grumpy old man with it cut short. My long hair is about the only feminine thing I have left since all my curves left me a few years ago. 😦


  2. You look great, no matter the haircut Marie! Your husband is a lucky man! I’m also thinking I should dress Angus up as the “fruit hat cat” for Halloween next year, so thanks for posting that. 😉

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      1. And in Berlin, nobody would give me a second glance 😉 I saw a guy in a pointy tin foil hat the other day. I think I was the only person who did a double take 😉


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