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Ten Things Not to do if Your Engine Light Comes On.

Take a break from NaNoWriMo (or just take a break) and enjoy John Howell’s latest Top Ten Things Not To Do …. This time it’s all about that annoying engine light that comes on in your car at the worst times.

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This list was inspired by a light that came on.

Ten Things Not to Do If Your Engine Light Comes On.

10 If your engine light comes on do not panic. If you do, at best you may make things worse by being rattled. At worst, you may pull off the road in a panicked state and keep rolling past the shoulder and into a culvert below.

9 If your engine light comes on, do not consult your owner’s manual until you come to a stop. If you do, at best you won’t find the section inconspicuously marked “Warning Indicator – Engine” and you’ll have to stop anyway. At worst, you will be concentrating on trying to use the index to find the subject matter and inadvertently run into the stopped care in front of you. In any case the index will be of no help.

8 If your engine…

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