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Occasional Soulmates — 99 cents for one week starting… Now!

Sister, brother, can you spare a dollar? In return, Kevin Brennan can give you hours of pleasure. Read his post to see how.


Here we go. My first Kindle Countdown. As the man in the video says, I need a dollar.

Actually 99 cents. From hundreds of people. This week.

Go. Now. Spread the word across the land.

Kevin Brennan needs a dollar.

Occasional Soulmates — 99 cents.

PS —

Here are a few things that cost 99 cents:

A bottle of water
A can of Spam
A couple of stamps
False eyelashes
A whoopee cushion
A tomato
A can of Fancy Feast

You get the picture. Skip one of those and buy a book today instead. Mine!

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