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Ten Things Not to do When Visiting a Foreign Country

Whether you visit foreign countries or “furrin” states within the US, this list is one you should consult every day of your trip!

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This list was inspired by watching some tourists on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific. This advice applies if you are a visitor here or are visiting over there. I hope you enjoy

Ten Things Not to Do When Visiting a Foreign Country

10 If you are visiting a foreign country, do not assume everyone who does not understand what you are saying is stupid. If you do, At best you will get no help. At worst, you will find people going out of their way to make sure your visit is a nightmare.

9 If you are visiting a foreign country, do not continue to believe you will find the same food you have at home. If you do, at best you will deny yourself a learning experience. At worst, you will get very hungry and tired of eating the snacks you brought with you.

8 If you…

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