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The Long Lost Weekend

Since Thursday I’ve been battling a cold … or something.  Not sure what I’ve got, and battling probably isn’t the right word since I spend the majority of my time reclined.  I throw my army of aspirin, cough suppressant, and Benadryl down my throat, chased by a liter of orange juice or Gatorade, and hope for the best while the rest of me dozes, coughs, and sniffles.

Usually I don’t let a silly old cold get me down, but this one has come along with a fever.  Although the fever has gone down, it’s tenaciously hanging around.  Before anyone starts shipping chicken soup to me, I will seek medical advice on Monday if matters remain the same.  Weakness is my current nemesis and just typing this brief post makes me want to curl up on my bed with my five odd pillows cushioning my aching body.

I made a pathetic effort at virtual socializing, and decided it’s best to just let you all know:

I. Am. Sick.

And for that reason, too, comments are closed.  Here’s a gratuitous kitty movie to take the edge off my otherwise sour mood.  This is an oldie but goodie.  My cat Mikey (RIP) rolling around on pebbles warmed by the sun, one of his few pleasure near the end of his life.


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