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10 Tips for Selling Your Books on Amazon

Please, all my indie author friends who are selling their books on Amazon, view this YouTube how-to, courtesy of Cate Russell-Cole, courtesy of Lisa Orrell ( Lisa lists the bells & whistles that Amazon authors can use to sell their books.

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    1. OK, I made notes from the video and bought the book. Do NOT buy the book. It was a complete waste of money (maybe I should use your reblog of the 10 ways not to write an Amazon review to let people know haha). Most of the options he talks about are no longer available through Amazon. What it did that was positive was teach me that I do need to learn the bells and whistles at Amazon and Goodreads, but I would like my money back from the author who is selling such an outdated book!

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      1. Oh, my, I would encourage you to write a review. At least, let readers know that some of the info is outdated. I’m surprised that there isn’t an updated version. Especially when writing about technology, there’s frequent changes to keep up with.


        1. I just wrote a scathing review! I’ve never done that before! I gave one star! I don’t feel bad because he needs to take it off the market until it’s revised. It’s just stealing $ otherwise.

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          1. lol … I just wrote a post about book reviewing. It won’t go up until tomorrow so I’ll check out your review. Part of the discussion going around is whether readers should leave 1-star reviews. Of course, most people are talking about novels, not technical books. And thanks for saving me some $$. I didn’t buy the book because I don’t “need” it right now, but I probably would have later.


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