It’s Saturday and I’m beat after a rather intense work week which includes 1.5 days of jury duty (save that for another post).  I’m sitting at my computer, feeling overwhelmed (per usual) with all the little items on my virtual to-do list.  Where to start?

What about that pile of New Yorker articles and NY Times Book Reviews that I want to chat about on my blog?

What about finishing Lorrie Moore‘s short story collection Bark?  (Trivia:  Lorrie Moore’s first name is Marie, we have the birth year, and she was also born in north New York.)

What about that leftover skein of extrafine Merino yarn that I used to knit my husband a watch cap and scarf (could make another watch cap)?  IMG_0663

What about cleaning the cats’ litter boxes?

a cat and a Litter box
a cat and a Litter box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m glad I managed to organize myself enough this morning to drop off return packages for online purchases (remind me to never again try to buy bras or pants online!).

And what about reading my f***ing novel that I slaved over in November?

So I did what I always do when I feel overwhelmed.  I went to Facebook.  Well, I don’t always go to Facebook, but this time I did and found a pleasant surprise.  One of my (many) cousins posted a video to my timeline.

I almost wept while viewing this video.  The artistry of Randi Parkhurst‘s creation took my breath away.  I love paper.  I love books.  I love nested objects, like boxes within boxes within boxes.  What she has created are books within books within books.  I can’t even imagine all the hours, days, weeks that it must taken for her to create this.  Such fine detail.  And I felt like a little kid as Parkhurst opens each book.

Now, you enjoy the video and I’ll go back to my list.








28 thoughts on “Patience

    1. The thing is … I don’t really think I’m Type A. Maybe a Type A wannabe or a I-think-I-should-be-a-Type-A 😉 The thing is, there’s just not enough hours in the day …


        1. okey dokey … actually, I’m thinking of starting a “done” list … instead of listing what I need to do at the beginning of the day, I list what I accomplished at the end. I started doing this at work when I found my routine projects frequently derailed because of unexpected requests. The “done” list helped me to see that I was busy even if not busy at what I had planned to do.


  1. I hear you Marie! Especially the part of turning to FB when overwhelmed – isn’t that crazy? just another act of self-sabotage. At least you had a happy-making and inspiring surprise waiting for you 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Yolanda! I’m lucky that this particular cousin knows me well enough to always post the right kind of video to my timeline 🙂 It’s partly what keeps my FB account active 😉


  2. What an amazing and wonderfully relaxing video. Thanks Marie. And I can sympathize with that feeling of being so overwhelmed with ‘stuff’, all you want to do is let yourself get pulled into Facebook or another time-suck. At least you got one annoying thing out of the way (I hate having to return stuff). Here’s to hoping you’re able to get through those things you want to get through this weekend!

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    1. Thank, Phillip! Actually, I allowed another “time suck” to take over … that of trying to transfer mp4 files to iTunes and then to my iPad. What a pain in the butt 😉 But I learned some new stuff (not necessarily good stuff) about iTunes and got my videos transferred over. None of this was on my list, but … whatever 😉


    1. Indeed. There’s always that sense of having to be accomplishing something. Times like this I should just go and hang out with the alligators, live in the moment, adjust my perspective.


        1. I recently saw some that would consider my head an hors d’œuvre 😉 I avoid getting up close and personal with gators … just enjoy from a (great) distance 😉


  3. You turn to FB, I turn to my jigsaw puzzle. I feel your stress, Marie. I had so many things to do today, but my first priority was visiting my parents. By the time I ran errands afterward and came home to clean, make some phone calls, etc., the day was gone. No writing, no studying my newest craft book. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. xo

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    1. I have days like that too, when I have to choose between fellowship with family or friends and “getting some work done.” The writing will always be there, the family and friends might not. You’re right, tomorrow is another day for those things that can wait 😉

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