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#Read #Authors: Keep It Real! by Jaq D Hawkins

I have to reblog this. Jaq shares a perspective on indie book promotion that, frankly, I think needs to be shares more often. So go over to Chris’s blog, read the post, and then share the bejesus out of it!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

218599Ever since the indie publishing explosion, I’ve been watching the adjustments in marketing that have tried to keep up with a rapidly changing industry.

To put things in perspective, I started out as a traditionally published author in the late 1980s and decided to cross the line into indie publishing in 2012. I was a little late to the party, which really started in 2009 and was going strong through 2010-11, but I came from a tradition where self-publishing was considered the realm of the unpublishable and old attitudes die hard.

I started studying the business of writing when I was very young and even in high school, I knew how to format a proper manuscript, what was expected when approaching a publisher and how to put together a press pack. However, the rules all changed with indie publishing. Even the definition of ‘publisher’ has changed. Once a small publisher…

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  1. Hey thanks for sharing this. She articulated quite a bit of what I have been seeing and thinking. The only problem is that everyone who needs to read that, will probably think she is talking about the other indie writer and not them. 😆

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