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An Open Letter To WordPress

WordPress is in the doghouse, it seems, and rightly so. Thank you, Fish of Gold, for saying so well and with such great humor what many of us are fuming about. Let’s hope WP listens. (We can always hope, can’t we?)

Fish Of Gold


I am loath to write yet another letter to you, since I typically prefer to spend my time writing actual blog posts, but I’ve been bitching on Twitter and in your forums to no avail, so maybe you’ll pay attention to a blog post. It’s not likely, but hey, you never know.

Please, stop. Just put down whatever you’re working on and stop with the futzing. You have been tinkering under my hood long enough and you know what? None of the “improvements” you’ve made are actually improvements.

Below, you will find explanations as to why your improvements aren’t improvements sorted conveniently by feature.

Post Editor

Let’s talk about this “Beep beep boop” post editor nightmare with less than half the functionality of the old editor. Thankfully, you haven’t taken away the old editor yet. However, I fully expect that one day, I will go to write a…

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Marie A Bailey

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Marie! I’ve had some issues. Things are one way one day and different the next. I think the key is not to pay for WP. I seem to have far less issues than those who pay. I hope you’re having a great week!

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    1. Hi, Jill. Today is Wednesday, hump day, and that always puts a spring into my step 😉 It sounds like it could be more of a problem for people who pay (I also use the free version). I wonder what it’s like for people who use WP for self-hosting. The impression I got from this post was that the self-hosting was as yet untainted. Confusing ;(

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    1. Hi, Katie! Do you use the WP self-hosting site or the free version of WP? It sounds like the changes differ depending on you pay, self-host, or get it for free. I’m sure much depends on how you use WP as well. For me, the loss of the Notification archive is painful. I really relied on that archive to stay on top of comments (not that I get that many, but … ). Also I have to do some gymnastics to get to my Dashboard now 😦


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