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Reblog: Top Ten Things Not to Do With a Hangover

Go on over to John Howell’s blog and add your 2 cents about what not to do if you have a hangover … if you’ve ever had the misfortune to have one, that is 😉

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This list was inspired by years and years of attempting to burn my candle at both ends. This list could be much longer, but I had to make a cutoff somewhere. Also since this is the Monday after the Super Bowl maybe there is some advice you can use.  I hope you enjoy.

a hangover

Ten Things Not to Do with a Hangover

10 If you have a hangover, do not attempt to cover the fact by talking too much. If you do, you will have erased any doubt as to your condition. At worst, your mouth will run off and leave your sodden brain back in the pain pit and the brain will only catch up when it detects the words “will you please shut up.” Much too late I might add.

9 If you have a hangover, do not try to step out of your normal passive role at the…

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