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Top Ten Things Not to do if Your Inhibitions Have Been Set Free

Do you sometimes feel uninhibited and just (for once) want to act on that freeing, expansive feeling? Well, better read this list of ten things not to do if you’re in that mode, otherwise it may be the last time you act on your lack of inhibition. Courtesy of John Howell!

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The inspiration for this list is a lifetime of observation of the behavior of people who finally let down their defenses. The lowering of defenses may have been as a result of being over-served or just a decision of not wanting to hold back any longer.  Although becoming open and honest without pretense can be a right thing more often that not the consequences of id liberation make such a move the source of regret.  I hope you enjoy the list.

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Ten Things Not to Do if Your Inhibitions Have Been Set Free.

10 If you feel uninhibited, do not free your body from clothes to match your mind. If you do, at best you will be all alone in the woods. At worst, you will become aware of your condition as the mall cops wrestle you to the floor and try to hide your parts.

9 If you feel uninhibited…

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