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Lifted Out of Despair #MondayBlogs #LoveWins

Last week I was in a very dark place.  Then in these last two days  (6/25/2015 and 6/26/2015, to be specific), the US Supreme Court decided in favor of marriage equality and the Affordable Care Act.  I couldn’t stop my head from spinning or my feet from dancing.  Add to that, Alabama and other states took down the Confederate flag (see  [Sadly, as of this writing, South Carolina is still dragging its heels.]

And so I feel I can really truly enjoy the remainder of this month, as today is my birthday and I want to celebrate.

Me at one year old. Early signs of exhibitionism are evident.

I’m still keeping a low social media profile so I can focus more on my writing outside my blog as well as continue to play catch-up with other things.

Have a wonderful day, dear Reader.  Have a wonderful week!  Before  you go, enjoy a semi-gratuitous cat video.



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Marie A Bailey

Writer, blogger, knitter, cat lover, and introvert.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Marie! I agree, last week I felt proud to be an American for the first time in quite a while. Enjoy your day. Hope you get lots of delicious writing done!

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  2. I agree on the rulings and how it made me feel. But my Facebook news feed is even more depressing than ever. I need new friends or need to move to a more reasonable state or just stay away from Facebook. Happy birthday!

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  3. Happiest Birthday ever!!! Enjoy! It was an emotional roller coaster for me last week. Soooo much was going on. Most of my FB friends and I share similar ideas, but I have some cousins who ranted and praised and preached so fiercely, I had to scroll on by. I refuse to get caught up in their crap. I didn’t unfriend anyone, just ignored them.

    I’m doing the same thing. Keeping a low profile. I don’t think I’ve posted but once or twice in the past month on my blog. Just stop in to FB to scroll through for anything that catches my eye as particularly positive or funny.

    My writing is on the front burner. Almost 18, 000 words on the first draft to my crime/psycho thriller, “The Conduit”. I’ve broken it down into three acts like a screenplay and Act One is completed, now I’m transitioning into Act Two and focused on the possible antagonists and Jillian processing through her nightmares with a psychic medium who is also a retired psychology professor.(an aging hippie chick). Good luck with your work 🙂

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    1. Hi, Susan! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have the same issue with FB as you. Too many cousins who post seemingly endless right-wing memes and then complain about no longer being able to express their feelings without offending someone. WTF. I wind up hiding their memes and/or relegating them to a group that I rarely visit 😉 You are really cooking with your writing. Your imagination is AMAZING!

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    1. Yup, for the first time in a long time, I actually felt some hope. Really, really hard to come by in a state like Florida 😉 Thanks for dancing with me 🙂


  4. A belated happy birthday! Last week I was so happy–what started out to be a kind of bad day was suddenly made wonderful. I’ve touched on these subjects in recent blog posts.
    My older daughter posted a photo of herself with her wife with the comment “Married Everywhere.”
    As far as cat videos–they always make a day better. 😉

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  5. Hope that you had a lovely birthday! I think many of us here in the US are feeling lighter with the Supreme Court decisions you mentioned. We need that energy to work on some of the issues that President Obama raised in his eulogy for Rev. Pinckney.

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    1. Thanks for the birthday but please don’t apologize. I know what you’ve been having to cope with. It doesn’t sound good for Pear. How many days has it been? Is she drinking water at all? They can go several days without food, but not without water. xoxo


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