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A Musical Monday #MondayBlogs #music

Two powerful voices.  Two powerhouses of music.  Two singers I’ve enjoyed (and still enjoy) for the greater part of my life.  I give you … Aretha Franklin and Tony Bennett.

Your regular programming may or may not return next week.  In the meantime, enjoy 🙂

And what’s an odd blog post without a gratuitous photo of a cat (thank you, Kevin Brennan, for setting that straight for me).


This is a photo of Junior, our gray DSH, texted to me after his dental surgery last Monday.  The boy is still recovering.  Two teeth were extracted and everything was well until Saturday when an infection started to set in.  Now we have 10 days of antibiotics to go through with ole iron-jaw Junior.  Fun times.

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Marie A Bailey

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      1. Yeah–I’m not looking to our little guy’s next checkup. The last few years, we just made an appointment for the teeth cleaning, etc. at the same time as his checkup. Glad your baby is doing better!


    1. Oh, do write about black cats! I love them. Junior is dark gray with a splash of white at his throat and his paws. He is one handsome boy 😸


    1. Thank you, Judith! Junior is one of those “neighborhood” cats that no one wanted to claim. So we did, and he’s my boy 😺Our other two cats are girls. Junior is doing much better today since we got him on a course of antibiotics.


      1. Glad to hear Junior’s recovering. We’ve only had strays for pets, except for one cat that I actually went to a pet store and bought. Everything else has found us, and since they have good taste:), it’s worked pretty well.

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  1. Yikes, Junior has been through the wringer. Hope he heals quickly. At first I misread your post and thought he had texted you…was thinking the animals are adapting to technology at a rapid pace these days. 😉

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  2. Glad Junior’s feeling better. Hope you have good luck giving him his antibiotics. I had a cat who was vicious when it came to that. I’d pry her mouth open and shove the pill in only to have her run away and spit it out! Hopefully, Junior is more cooperative. 🙂

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    1. Poor MTM! Not only anxiety but also $$$$$ when it comes to the dentist. Junior is much better. The antibiotics are working although he hates being pilled 🙀


    1. Hello, Linda! Yes, Junior is much better. I’m looking forward to finishing his course of antibiotics 😉 He’s a very strong kitty and does not like to being pilled. Glad you liked the video. I actually didn’t know Bennett had done a duet with Franklin. Happy discovery 🙂


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