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Another Monday #MondayBlogs #JoanObsorne

My friend and fellow blogger John Howell likes to commemorate Fridays.  For some (insane) reason, I’m hung up on Mondays … beginning of my work week, beginning of the race to the weekend, beginning of my hopes that I’ll end the week with both my mind and body intact (and usually it’s just one or the other … you guess which).

And lately … I’ve been on a Joan Osborne kick. I have a couple of her CDs but since the local radio stations play the same crap music over and over and Borders exists no longer so the one store in town where I could sip a coffee and browse through the music section is gone … I’ve gone unaware of just how much Joan has produced.  The following clip from YouTube is a twofer:

And if you want something that will get your hips shaking …

Comments are closed as I’ll be too busy hip shaking my way through the work week 🙂

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