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Pre-Order for Legends of Windemere Fantasy Series Bundle #2 is Available! #fantasy #ASMSG

Hey, all you fantasy fiction fans! You know who you are. Charles Yallowitz, fantasy author extraordinaire, has TWO great book bundles for you. Check them out 🙂

Legends of Windemere

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Now Available on Amazon Kindle For Pre-Order!

*This Book Bundle contains volumes 4-6 of the LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE fantasy series.*

The destiny of Nyx, Sari, and Luke Callindor has been revealed, but that does not make their lives any easier. With old enemies still on the hunt, a new threat is stepping out of the shadows to indulge his sadistic desires. From battling the magic-devouring Krypters in Hero’s Gate to facing a demonic curse that has befallen one of our heroes, the champions will be pushed to their limits and beyond. Can the arrival of two more destined warriors improve their chances or will it bring them one step closer to failing like their predecessors?

Get this bundle now & it will magically appear on your Kindle on June 1st!




That’s NOT All!
Starting tomorrow Bundle #1 will be 99 cents for…

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