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Silence – OUT 30.7.16

I’m afraid to admit that I’ve neglected this young and very talented author for a while. Not intentionally, mind you, but the world, ah, the world … . I speak, of course, of J. S. Collyer. You should know her for the first two installments of her science fiction Orbit Series, Zero and Haven. If you don’t, then I recommend you correct that oversight … immediately. Her third and final installment will be available soon through Amazon: Silence. In fact, I believe you can pre-order at a discount. Go check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

Silence small

Silence, Book 3 in J S Collyer’s ‘Orbit Series’, out 30.7.16

Kaleb Hugo has been missing for a year. He disappeared without trace or explanation, but popular rumour is that he has abandoned his position and his family to join the revolutionist group Red Star, alleged to be gathering force in a new colony on Mars and set on a future ruled by a democratically-elected Orbit Alliance and not the militarised Service.

Ezekiel Webb, his former crewmate and best friend, has, on the face of it, taken little interest in Hugo’s fate, rumoured or otherwise. The two men have barely spoken in years and Webb has immersed himself in his new life in the Eclipse Division of the Service. He is captain of his own undercover unit and whilst the Service Commanders don’t always approve of his methods, his abilities cannot be questioned.

It is these abilities that the Special…

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