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A Conversation With Kevin Brennan, Part Two

This is Part 2 of Mark Paxson’s conversation with Kevin Brennan, author of the newly released (by himself) novel, Fascination. I’m reblogging this post because of something Mark says about Fascination: “In some respects, Fascination is a story that a reader who is looking for light entertainment could enjoy at the same time a reader who is looking for something deeper also could enjoy.” I’m reading Fascination now and, as with ALL of Kevin’s novels, there are layers and layers and layers to the story. If you’re into layers, then order a copy from Kevin and dig in. If you’re not into layers, then order a copy because you can race through with Clive and Sally and enjoy the ride. As for me, I’m digging in.

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Part One is here.

MP. As the author of Fascination, is there something about the story that you particularly like?  Is there a part of the story, or an element of it, that you think you got particularly right?

KB. It’s not always easy to be super-objective about your own work, but in this book I like the overall tone most of all. I set out to write something in the mode of, say, Tom Robbins (without trying to imitate him, of course), but I wasn’t sure I could carry it all the way through a 300-page book. I hope readers think I succeeded!

I think the main thing I got right was telling a sprawling, convoluted, funny story that also gives the reader some interesting things to think about by the end. Ultimately, as the characters come to understand, the journey to heaven is heaven.

MP. It’s interesting…

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