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My absence from the online social milieu over the next few days will likely be due to this:


My city is more or less in the purple, just above the notch.  We’re about 20 or miles inland.  We are prepared for the worst, of course.  My husband has stockpiled enough H2O for a few weeks (mild exaggeration).  We only wish we had had our trees trimmed.  Ah, yes, complacency.  This area of the Big Bend in Florida hasn’t seen a hurricane since Kate in 1985.  My fingers are crossed that the worst we’ll experience is a deluge of rain, because it’s wind we really fear.

Since it is highly probable that we’ll be without power for a day or two or three, I thought I should let you all know that I will no doubt be well; just reacquainting myself with life literally off the grid.

I know that doesn’t explain my sporadic blogs (mostly reblogs) of late, nor my most recent now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t episodes over the last week.  I’ll save those excuses for later.

‘Til then …


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