The Long Morning After

I have a splitting headache. I admit to having had one glass of wine too many last night and allowing my husband to talk me into watching early results of the election. Which meant that I also got very little sleep, despite his assurances that all would be well in the morning.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to live, how to get from one day to the next day. Do I encase myself in a darkly tinted bubble and pretend that nothing outside of that bubble matters? I think that would work only if I become a hermit and completely disengage myself from the rest of the world.

Some of you may think I’m being overly sensitive, that I’m taking these election results a little too seriously, that I’m missing the point. I know people–otherwise intelligent, educated, moral people–who voted for Trump mainly because they hated Clinton. They willingly voted for a man who exemplifies every possible ugliness of  human nature. You can hate Clinton all you want, but don’t try and tell me that Trump is someone for our children to aspire to. Unless, of course, you admire people who objectify women, mock the disabled, engage in cyberbullying, and promote xenophobia.

I can only hope that our system of checks and balances will keep the Trump presidency from undoing the progress (both economic and social) that our country has gained over the last few decades. I can hope, but hope hasn’t been very effective lately.

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