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Cover Reveal of Kin Types

I’ve pre-ordered Luanne Castle’s newest chapbook of poetry and more. How about you???????

Luanne Castle's Writer Site

Finishing Line Press has revealed the new cover of my chapbook Kin Types. They put it on their website with my headshot, taken by my friend Renee Rivers.


Release date: June 23

A little background on the cover image: this is a tintype from my family collection. It was handpainted, and the jewelry was painted in gold leaf. We don’t know exactly who the photograph is of, but believe it is of the Remine (Remijinse) branch of the family. My great-great-great-grandmother was Johanna Remijinse De Korne, born in Kapelle, Netherlands. I love how the Dutch spelling conjures up the word “reminisce.”

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Marie A Bailey

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  1. I have ordered mine too! Right, no judging! Jill, lately I have been reading collections by a few different poets. What a journey! They all created such different worlds. I then bought the latest one out by Billy Collins, The Rain in Portugal (Random House, 2016). While before I would read one or two poems, then more a week or two later, I found found that reading them through all at once is a new kind of pleasure.

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  2. Marie, I really want to thank you for this! There is one month left for pre-orders. If I don’t get enough the book doesn’t go to press, so I am starting to have a mini freakout. I’ll let you know when it’s a maxi freakout.

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