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Pre-Order Changelings: The Rise of Kings!

I am truly excited about Katie Sullivan’s soon-to-be-released Changelings: The Rise of Kings! I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1 (Changelings: Into the Mist) which you, Dear Reader, can get FREE from Amazon if you haven’t already read it (because you live under a rock). Young Adult Fiction is not a genre that I normally read, but I was entranced by Changelings: Into the Mist. Two strong young heroes; a Druid that I just know looks and sounds like Richard Armitage (the actor); magic; Irish folklore and Irish history; time travel. An other world peopled with fascinating and sometimes frightening beings; a real world peopled by kind and brave souls. When I read Book 1, I re-experienced my youth, my desire for mystery and adventure, love and belonging. And when I beta-read Book 2, I enjoyed the same experience. As I know you will. So do not hesitate. Pre-order Changelings: The Rise of Kings now and get yourself a FREE copy of Changelings: Into the Mist while you’re at it.

The D/A Dialogues

Changelings: The Rise of Kings is now live for pre-orders in the Amazon Kindle Store! Between now and July 13, you can pre-order the kindle edition for $1.99! A print edition will be available on July 13 as well.

Ebook COverIrish teens Maureen O’Malley and Sean McAndrew were lost in time. They fought alongside a pirate queen and raised the flag of a new nation. They defied the will of the Faerie king and set in motion a revolution that not only claimed the life of their friend and mentor, but barred them, the last of the Changelings, from Faerie, forever.

Or so they thought.

Facing expulsion for their misadventures, Maureen and Sean are sent to live with Sean’s aunt, deep in the Scottish Highlands. There, Faerie whispers reach out to snatch them once more – and this time, returning home is no longer an option. This time, to thwart the…

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