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Long Overdue Book Reviews: All Good Stories by Linda G. Hill #MondayBlogs #bookreview

I’ve been remiss in writing book reviews, and I aim to make up for it over the next few weeks. I have a fantasy that one day I will be very, very organized, and these periodic mea culpa posts will be things of the past. Right. Without further ado …


Linda G. Hill is a prolific writer, supermom, and all-around nice person. When I say she’s prolific, well, just take a tour of her website at

I moan and groan about trying to write when I have a full-time job, but Linda has three sons which means she’s on the day job 24/7. Even my cats can’t compete with that since they spend large chunks of their day sleeping. But I digress.

This review of Linda’s earliest published novel, All Good Stories, is so long overdue. I read All Good Stories about two years ago while on a winter weekend camping trip. A light, entertaining, and quirky romance, it was the perfect e-book to bring along. After a day of frolicking among the trees, I’d snuggled into my sleeping bag, fire up my Kindle, and step into Xavier and Jupiter’s world, two best friends who discover their feelings for each other the hard way.

For a story written “off the cuff,” Hill’s characters are well-developed, interesting, and, best of all, people I’d like to meet and have a coffee with. You know from the get-go that Xavier and Jupiter belong together, and you root for that to happen. The story is well-paced and, yes, there’s a lovely twist at the end. All Good Stories made me smile … often. If you need a pick-me-up, an escape from the daily drama of the world, you need look no further than All Good Stories.

And if you like paranormal romance, Linda has not one, but two novels for you to add to your towering stack of books: The Magician’s Curse and The Magician’s Blood, both part of The Great Dagmaru series. You can find links to purchase these novels as well as other works on Linda’s Amazon author page:

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