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Long Overdue Book Reviews: Changelings: The Rise of Kings by Katie Sullivan #Mondayblogs #bookreview

I continue with my backlog of book reviews, and I do hope that my tardy reviews might actually result in sales for the authors I’ve so long neglected. At least, then I won’t have to feel so guilty 😉 


One of my favorite writers and favorite people is Katie Sullivan. When I first met Katie, she had a blog where she shared ongoing dialogues between her and one of her primary characters, the Druid, a 1300-year-old Pict who made himself at home in her brain many years before. I do believe he drove her to write, and I’m hoping he is still driving her to write (hint, hint, Katie ;)) You can read more about her blog, The D/A Dialogues, here:

A few years ago, Katie came out with Book 1 of the Changelings trilogy: Into the Mist. You can read my review of it here. The trilogy is a Young Adult historical fiction series, but trust me, Changelings can be enjoyed by all ages. Especially us older women who keep casting Richard Armitage (the actor) into the role of Dubh (the Druid).

This post is about Book 2 in the Changelings trilogy. The Rise of Kings returns the reader to Sean and Maureen, the orphaned teenagers from the late 1950s whose coming-of-age experiences include time traveling and almost getting killed during the 1916 Rising. Book 1 was a bit of a swashbuckling affair, complete with pirates. Book 2 — The Rise of Kings — is darker, and Maureen and Sean are older, the weight of their maturity based in large part on the experiences they shared in Book 1. But their adventures are not over yet.

With this second installment, Maureen and Sean now understand that they are changelings, that they can go through time, and they can affect history. Soon after they return to their original time, they go to live with Sean’s Aunt Margaret, who is not quite who she seems to be. Rather, she is much more than she seems to be. Their mentor and kin–Dubh–was thought to be dead, but he has yet to fulfill his destiny. And through trips back in time, and fights (to the death) between good and evil, love slowly blossoms.

The stories of Maureen and Sean, Dubh and Margaret are ones that made my heart ache, but it is a delicious kind of ache, a kind that makes you feel tender toward the people you’re reading about, trap as they are in their destinies. I’m really looking forward to Book 3 of this trilogy (hint, hint, Katie!).

You can find Books 1 and 2 of the Changelings trilogy on Amazon, along with a short tale on Dubh’s own history (Hunted), before he met Maureen and Sean:

You can also follow Katie Sullivan on Facebook:


Comments are closed because I want you to go and purchase her books and lose yourself in changelings, Fae, and magic, time travel and Irish lore. 

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