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Views From the Road: Teaser #Mondayblogs #travel

Guess where we went on vacation …

Guess what my husband did most of the time we were on vacation …

More on this and other adventures later. I’m still recovering.

UPDATE on my short story in Florida’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology by Z Publishing House — it’s now available for purchase! To get yourself a copy (because you know you want to), click here: Florida’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology. Keep in mind, if you use this link, anything you purchase from Z Publishing will net me a commission. Sweet. I like these people.

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Marie A Bailey

Writer, blogger, knitter, cat lover, and introvert.

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    1. Hi, Linda! We had a great time! SF has changed a lot since we lived there. If it weren’t for a couple of our friends who still live in the City, we probably wouldn’t visit anymore … it’s too expensive and too congestion. But our friends are visual artists and it’s a treat to see the City through their eyes. (P.S., thank you again for ordering a copy of the anthology. Hope you enjoy it.)


    1. Thanks, Jeri. SF has changed a lot, even since 2005. We lived there from ’86-’90. A lot of what we enjoyed back then no longer exists (favorite restaurants have closed or are just too expensive, fewer independent bookstores, etc.), but it’s still a special place. We’re lucky to still have friends there who know every inch of the City and can steer us to the fun parts.

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  1. He took photos!!!!! Isn’t it funny how we have to recover from vacations?! I can’t wait to hear more about it. And CONGRATS on the story, Marie. Such exciting news!

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