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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming … #bookreview #shamelesspromotion

Florida’s Emerging Writers, published by Z Publishing House, is now printed and available for purchase. I have a story published in this anthology and, yeah, I’m pretty proud of it. That’s about as shameless as I can get.

No wait. I can up the shamelessness of my self-promotion. Carrie Rubin (yes, THE Carrie Rubin. Author of The Seneca Scourge, Eating Bull, and Bone Curse) wrote a review of my story and others in the anthology. You can read her review here:

You can imagine my delight and gratitude when I read Carrie’s review. You can also imagine how choked up I got when a friend told me over dinner one night that he had read my story three or four times and then proceeded to talk about its meaning, in particular the part where Melissa and her mother June drive over the “railroad tracks, a hump in the road that made Melissa feel that she was going up a roller coaster.” My friend riffed on the idea of trains, how they come and go, the sense of traveling through time, these two women trying to visit a past that had already left the station.

If either Carrie’s review or my friend’s comments peak your interest in this new anthology of Florida’s Emerging Writers, please click here. Any purchase you make using this link will net me a small commission. (And my continuing shameless self-promotion includes peppering my post with the link for purchase.)

Thank you all for your support.

Yes, there is a cat in my office window. Why are you surprised?


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  1. Finally got mine in the mail, Marie! Looking forward to getting a chance to crack into it now that I’m almost done wrestling with this whole new world of typesetting and InDesign, all so I can get my paperbacks going, Hope you’re selling lots of copies and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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