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Another Unscheduled Interruption #HurricaneMichael

Now if I were a planner, I’d have all my remaining posts on our vacation written, proofed, revised and scheduled. But “Planner” is not my middle name. My middle name doesn’t even begin with P.

A more disciplined person than myself would have used this day–oh, happy day off work–to at least write up and scheduled those posts. And no one would be the wiser. But “Discipline” is also not my middle name, nor does my middle name begin with D.

No, this happened instead:

I wear hearing aids. Fancy ones with little soft plastic detachable domes that sit in the ear. Yesterday at work, I pulled out my left hearing aid and saw that the dome was gone. I searched the floor, thinking it had fallen off. Nothing. Not worried because I have plenty of these parts at home. I go on with my day. Go to the gym to walk/run the treadmill while listening to an audiobook with my earbuds. Go home. Have dinner, a glass (or two) of wine. My left ear starts to itch and it feels like I got a chunk of wax in there. Later I try to coax out the wax with … you guessed it … a Q-tip. Nothing. Then my ear starts to ache. Too late I realize that the dome was stuck in my ear. I tried some ear drops to see if lubricating it would allow it to slip out. Of course, not. It’s too big. I tried flushing with water. I went to bed in a panic because, of course, it was already past midnight and you know, there’s a hurricane coming. I eventually fell asleep but the earache got worse. First thing this morning I called my doctor’s office. Forty-five minutes later I was there. Ten minutes later the nurse practitioner pulled out the dome with a pair of tweezers. Fortunately I hadn’t done any harm to my ear canal or ear drum, although I have to use prescription ear drops and avoid wearing my hearing aids for a few days. Whew! Although I do need them, I don’t like wearing my hearing aids and usually don’t wear them unless I’m going to work or driving (public safety … need to hear those sirens).

The best part of the story is it gave me an opportunity to get some cash, fill up the gas tank, and buy some more water before the last minute shopping mobs clog the streets. Oh, and I tried to put diesel gas into my Prius. Just grabbed the wrong hose but it took me awhile to figure it out. Sometimes I feel (and act) like such a flake.

Now, you should have read that “there’s a hurricane coming.” Yeah, Michael–that hurricane (

See the light purple? I’m in there.

Okay, so there’s a hurricane coming and I haven’t any blog posts scheduled (except now this one) and I’ll be falling off the radar for awhile … not literally I hope.

I expect power outrages, of course, but fingers and toes are crossed that we all get through this safely. We’ve had plenty of notice and even some practice with Hurricane Hermine in 2016. Since we don’t live on the coast (we’re about 20-30 miles inland), we are not being evacuated. We will be riding out the storm as they say, but it’ll be bumpy.

So think of us over the next few days. I know I have some good friends out there who have weathered events like this (pun intended) and lived to tell the tale. I won’t pretend to be fearless. Hurricane Hermine made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane, and that was scary. Michael intends to be a Category 3.

I suspect that before the end of the day, we’ll all be huddled in the bedroom closet with Junior.

Mom?? Is Michael here yet??? MOM!

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Marie A Bailey

Writer, blogger, knitter, cat lover, and introvert.

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    1. Thanks, Jill! How was it up your way? We’re fine. Only 47 hours w/o power which is pretty amazing considering all the trees that came down. I feel very, very lucky.


      1. Wow! That is pretty incredible, Marie. I’m so happy you guys are okay. It’s so sad to see those surrounding areas. We weathered the storm well with no damage from Michael…Florence however left her mark. 😦 Thanks for checking in and letting us know you’re okay. Enjoy the weekend!

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    1. You’ve been through worse, John. No matter what inconveniences we had, I know it could have been so much worse. We’ve got power already. No damage to our home. If it wasn’t for all the debris around us, I wouldn’t know a hurricane had given my city a slap upside the head. Normalcy returns but I hope we never grow complacent.

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  1. Oh gosh, Marie. I hope you all stay safe. A scary time.
    Many years ago, my uncle and aunt stayed in their house through Hurricane Andrew (?) in Miami.

    I’m glad your ear is OK, too.
    That clip is perfect. 🙂
    (My posts are never planned in advance!)

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    1. Lol … thanks, Merril! It’s good to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t plan her posts. Hurricane Andrew was devastating to South Florida. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to ride it out. Michael was scary enough but not as bad I thought it would be. We were very lucky that it turned more to the west. Unfortunately that was very unlucky for Mexico Beach and Panama City. I’m grateful that we didn’t have any damage, just out of power for a couple of days.

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    1. Thank you, Laura! Have we met? It’s kind of you to read and comment on my post. I’m happy to say we came through Michael with no damage and only out of power for 2 days. We are truly fortunate.

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      1. No, I don’t think so…and I’m not even sure when I first ‘followed’ your blog. But there it is! Glad you fared okay in the storm – I know it was a big one and two days without power is still a big deal.

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  2. Hang in there! We’ll be thinking about you.

    I once rode out a hurricane in a hotel room, and it was frickin’ surreal. I’m sure Hermine was like that for you guys. One thing I do know: your kitties will be … tense! 🙀

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    1. Thanks, Kevin! We made it through just fine. I can’t imagine sitting out a hurricane in a hotel room 😬 Our cats, strangely enough, were also fine. They did stay very close to us, but only seemed concerned when a litter of branches fell on our metal roof (quite loudly). We were out of power only two days. We are very lucky.

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    1. Thanks, Phillip! We got power back just a couple of hours ago so I can be online at will 😉 We’re very lucky. No damage to our home, and at least Michael came through during the day. Of course, seeing 50-60 mph winds is something I don’t want to do again 😏


    1. Thank you so much, Curtiss! I imagine you know what it’s like. We in Tallahassee were very fortunate. Not that I want to go through this again, because we just got lucky. That’s all. If Michael has turned further eastward … My heart goes out to the people on the coast who lost homes, livelihoods, and loved ones.

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    1. Bumpy enough, but it’s behind us now. We suffer anxiety and that’s all. No damage and out of power only for a couple of days. In hindsight I feel silly for being scared but … being scared made us prepare 😉

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  3. Marie, that is so dangerous–the ear dome thing. You can’t fool around with your hearing like that. Aren’t you made that it came apart? They should be made better than that, shouldn’t they? Now you have me all worried about you and I haven’t even gotten to Michael yet. !!!!!!!! STAY SAFE!!! You and the furbabies and the furbabies’ dad!

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    1. Hahaha … we are fine now. Thank you for your concern. Greg wears hearing aids too and complained that his come apart too easily. The problem was I didn’t feel like anything was in my ear. Oh, well. Glad I got it taken care of before Michael. And we are fine. Just some very high winds, branches falling on a metal roof. Power was out for two days. Counting my blessings. The cats were good. Only spooked by the branches falling, otherwise they just hung out with us. Devastating what happened to the coast though 😢


  4. This hearing aid story was much better than a hurricane-is-coming story. Stay safe and warm (I envision you and your hubby and cat huddled under blankets and eating lasagna. Why lasagna? I don;t know. That’s just what I pictured as I read this.) P.S. Love the caption on the cat pic, too, too funny! P.S.S. I must make lasagna now.

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    1. Maybe lasagna because that was Garfield’s favorite food (comix cat)? I just had to share my hearing aid story. I mean, really THAT has to happen as we’re preparing for a hurricane?? Well, we got through okay, even without lasagna 😉 I only wish our fellow Floridians on the coast hadn’t been hit so hard. Breaks my heart.


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