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UPDATE: Crazy Busy or Busy Crazy With a Dash of Nightingale & Sparrow #CNF #published

I’ve been so crazy busy that I “mangled” the link to Nightingale & Sparrow’s website. Without further ado, here is the link to the online version: If you’re interested in the print version, go here:


I’ve been busy crazy the last few weeks due in large part to my day job. But it’s not all bad.

Nightingale & Sparrow (, a literary journal that I’ve grown to love, has a new issue out. It’s called “love” and includes a creative nonfiction piece by me. The publication of my essay is a perfect example of what happens when you see a tweet saying (and I paraphrase), “Hey, we need more creative nonfiction for an upcoming issue,” and you actually ACT on that tweet. You know you have something that definitely fits the theme of Love. You tighten it up, proofread, read out loud numerous times until you’re at risk of missing the deadline. Then you submit. And wait. When you get the email, you dance.

Other good news: I finished my mom’s lap blanket.

I hope to deliver it to her in person later this year.

Thanks for reading. I am way behind in making the rounds of my writing community. I appreciate all of you and hope to be in better touch soon.

For an early Valentine’s Day treat, here’s Junior in one of his more seductive poses.

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Marie A Bailey

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  1. Congratulations Marie! How wonderful! You’re on a publishing roll! How can we read your piece? And the lap blanket is exquisite. Truly a thing of beauty. Junior tickles me—I mean that is pretty darn seductive! 🤣


  2. How fab! I’m sure you’ll let us all know how to get our hands on N&S to read the piece.

    BTW, Junior’s gonna appropriate that blanket if you’re not careful …


    1. Heh, heh, the blanket is in safe and secured. I never leave anything like that around because of the hellions. The N&S issue is available online and in print. I’ll see if I can find a direct link 😉


  3. Each stitch of your blanket exudes love, comfort & warmth…your mother will feel your blanket-hug immediately. Cathartic no doubt in its creation, too.
    The publishing news is truly exciting and Junior’s reactions seem cat-appropriate!


  4. Congratulations on your essay in N&S. It’s excellent–and I also love the magazine and Juliette is such a kind and thoughtful editor. So I have to ask–was this the same apartment you lived in in the essay you wrote for my book? 😉

    That blanket–wow! I am impressed. I don’t know how to do anything like that.
    And Junior! Hahahaha.


    1. Thank you, Merril!! Yeah, I’m kinda heads over heels with N&S and not just because they published my essay 😉 I’m just amazed at the quality of their “product” (hate using that word when it comes to creative work but there it is …). Very professional but all done by volunteers!
      Yup, that’s the same apartment. The episode I wrote about for your book occurred after Greg had left for Ecuador. I lived in that studio for about 3 1/2 years. It was a nice little space but the location … not really a good place for a young woman on her own.
      The blanket looks so much better now that it’s done! It was a challenge indeed, but, hey, you cook mouthwatering dishes, meals I can’t imagine doing myself so we’re even 😉


  5. Yesterday I was riding in the desert and left a comment through my ipad. Of COURSE, it didn’t take. Anyway, I was CONGRATULATING you on this publication–WOOT!!! And I also mentioned that the blanket is absolutely beautiful. I think it’s absolutely amazing. Also, Junior HAS MY HEART!!! 🙂


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