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Memoir as a Lyrical Journey Toward Understanding: A Review of Cinthia Ritchie’s Malnourished — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog

By Marie A Bailey Caveat: Cinthia Ritchie, author of the memoir Malnourished: A Memoir of Sisterhood and Hunger, is my friend, and I read her memoir keenly aware of my affection for her. I don’t claim to be objective in my review, but, in all honesty, I don’t know that I’ve ever been objective when […]

via Memoir as a Lyrical Journey Toward Understanding: A Review of Cinthia Ritchie’s Malnourished — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog

I’m thrilled to have my book review of Cinthia Ritchie’s memoir, Malnourished, published on Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog. Please have a read and then get yourself a copy of this intense but cathartic, poetic memoir. You can purchase directly through the publisher– or through Amazon–

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  1. Whoa, candid review, Marie.
    I’m wondering if you knew any of this about your friend before reading her memoir? Part of pubbing a memoir type of book has got to carry with it trepidation on what the readers who knew the memoir-writer think – or react. And how it might shape further relationships?


    1. Thanks, Laura 🙂 Yes, I knew bits of Cinthia’s story and already had pegged her as a very honest but hard on herself type person, but I didn’t know the degree until I read her memoir. And I didn’t know Cinthia until a few years ago. I agree that one of the most difficult aspects of writing a memoir is whether it might change your relationships with people, especially friends and family. That’s one of many reasons why I’m not likely to write one 😉


  2. Marie, it’s Saturday morning, the 21st, and I’m catching up on emails. So forgive my tardiness with my reading your post and leaving a comment. Your review is compelling and riveting as to tear up thinking of how many of us have lived similar lives filled with lies and abuses. You have caught my attention and I’ll be getting a copy to add to my TBR stack. Thanks for your reading and reviewing.


    1. Sherrey, it’s late in the day on March 22 here and I’m only now getting around to reading posts and comments. So I see your tardiness and raise my own 😉 I don’t know where the hours go … Thank you for your kind words about my review.


  3. So glad to see a post from you. For some reason, I couldn’t access any of your posts for several days until now! Thank you for that honest review! It must have taken courage to write the review. I also applaud Cinthia’s courage in telling her story.


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