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No, It’s Not Your Imagination

Hello, friends. You may (or may not) have noticed changes to my blog. When I downgraded to the Premium plan, my WP theme reverted to its original theme, and so I’ve been searching for a new one. There are so many! I’m keen on the “Responsive Layout” which means it should look good whether you’re reading on your phone, a tablet or desktop computer.

This theme is called Notebook. Initially I didn’t like all the white space, and I wanted to showcase my photos more. For a few days I sported Cerauno, but today, after mucking about with the social media widgets which never quite want to work for me, I decided to switch again. For the moment, I’m enamored with this side image that Notebook offers and the ability to change it whenever I want. By the way, the side image is one of my photos.

Photo by Marie A Bailey

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago when my husband and I were visiting the storm water facility in our neighborhood, where trash and birds and wildflowers and all kinds of insects are in abundance. I was playing with a macro lens my husband had loaned me for the excursion. The original photo was at 4x magnification. This is the original blown up and cropped. I was so excited to capture such a nice photo of this little guy on a little flower.

Made. My. Day.

So for now (all of 60 minutes), I’m happy with this theme. I can showcase my photos as I wish, but still have a nice, uncluttered site. I’ve removed the social media widgets for now. I know WP would help me, but I’ve no energy to spare today.

Let’s see … I wrote a blog post a couple of months ago about my current state of employment. The title was Work, Work, Work #MondayBlogs #WFH #writing. Well, it’s still work, work, work. We hit the ground running on Monday and keep running straight through to Friday evening. I know some people joke that Fridays for state employees are more like Saturdays, lazy days where sometimes you take off early to go fishing. Ha. Ha. Ha. I want to live in that world.

No, for me, late Friday afternoons are when we usually get the data requests that need to be done “today,” as in before you leave (or log off your computer, in my case). Of course, I and my staff never mind working another hour or two on a Friday evening to justify someone’s last minute decision for data that they probably won’t do anything with for a few days [sarcasm].

We comply. We always do. Of course, I do it with a fair amount of cursing and cussing. One of the benefits of working from home is that I no longer have to keep my words to myself. I at least have the freedom to complain out loud because no one but my cats and my husband can hear me. Such was yesterday and, of course, I worked longer than my staff because it is my responsibility. At the least, I need to be available for them while they work their magic.

After two-and-a-half months in this position, I’m already burnt out. I haven’t been reading blogs because when I have time to myself, I tend to close my eyes rather than read. It might not stay like this. I’m in the process of hiring to fill my old position and, the gods willing, I’ll have another position to fill as well. Perhaps I’ll be able to manage my time better after that. Perhaps.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 and Hurricane Isaias. My heart goes out to everyone who has to manage this double-whammy.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay tuned.

Junior chilling with me after a long day at work.

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Marie A Bailey

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  1. Lovely photo, Marie! Blogging–reading others more than writing–takes so much time. I was just saying I feel like I can only do one thing a day these days. Your job sounds like it’s more than full time–but yes the freedom to do it in pjs while complaining to the cats is one benefit of the current situation. 😏. Take care. Are you in the path of the hurricane?

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    1. Thank you, Merril. Yes, I often remind myself that nobody knows what I’m wearing from the waist down and that’s a good thing 😉 Fortunately, Tallahassee was not in the hurricane’s path. Even more important, neither was St. Petersburg, which is where my mom and oldest sister are. My stress level should go down when Hurricane season is over … in November 😬🤞

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        1. Oh, dear, sorry about the tropical storm watch. I am honestly looking forward to November. We’ve decided to vote in person. We’ll go for early voting so the risk will be minimal. This insanity has to end.

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  2. I like your new layout. I think it suits you. I remember those late Friday requests that usually required a Saturday conference call to walk the idiot through the information. What was the fun part is learning from some third party that the idiot knew the stuff was needed on the previous Tuesday but “simply forgot.” Stay safe and sane, Marie.

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    1. Ha ha ha ha … fortunately people above my pay grade are stuck with those Saturday conference calls, not me 😉 Thank you for your kind words about my new layout. That makes me very happy. Stay safe and well, John ❤️

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  3. Good to hear from you, Marie! I’m on my phone, so I can’t really tell about your website except it looks lovely. I’ll have to notice when I’m on my laptop. I love the flower/insect photo—keen eye. Stay safe and tell that kitty boy I think he looks handsome and super soft and cuddly. Be well.

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    1. Ah, thank you, Cheryl. I was fortunate to get that photo. I just kept snapping because that little guy kept moving! I was surprised to see I got a good photo. I’ll share your kind words with Junior. You stay safe and well.

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  4. I’m always in awe of those who can change their wp themes and layout so easily…even if you were forced into doing so! But still…it does refresh the old posts and helps to usher in the new ones.

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  5. Junior has it going on, doesn’t he? Interesting to know what happens when you downgrade on WP. Duly noted. I’m sorry you’re so burned out. Sometimes it is not easy to be an adult. Still, being one who is healthy is a good thing, so there’s that.

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    1. I joke that Junior has bedroom eyes. If you decide to downgrade, contact WP support and they can do it for you rather than you first reverting to the free plan (unless that’s what you want). They asked if I wanted to keep my media and content, which of course I did. I had tried to export my content, but I could never open the files, so I was glad they asked. I hadn’t expected I would lose anything by downgrading. WP support was very helpful.

      I’m glad (grateful) I’m healthy, but, no, I don’t like being an adult. Life is too short for that 😉

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  6. Ugh, I feel you on those late Friday things. That is the story of my job for years now. Late Friday is when all the all the s**t hits the fan, every single week. For one thing, everybody with anything nasty likes to wait and then hit send late Friday, hoping I can’t respond until the following week hahaha..
    That photo is absolutely stunning. You’re right. It’s so pretty on my laptop. I can see the photo no matter if I’m up or down on your blog.
    Don’t hold your breath until the weekend, Marie. That’s what I always want to do, but not a good idea 😉

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    1. Thanks, Luanne. Part of my fatigue is trying to “advocate,” see how my staff’s time is wasted because of poor planning and do something about it. The struggle is worth it but I’m counting the days 😉


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