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Kevin Brennan’s Close to Perfect is about to vanish!

“imagine three droll and talented writers as they chat–while laughing quite a bit–about this fairly magical but ridiculous business we’re all in.” Don’t imagine it. Just go and purchase Kevin Brennan’s Close to Perfect while you still can! Get it here:


I’ve finally succumbed. The market is saying that 99 cents is too high a price for this entertaining and informative transcript of a podcast that never was.

But because Amazon won’t let me make it perma-free as a promotional tool, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before as an indie writer/publisher: I’m going to disappear it.

You can still get it for a limited time before I pull the plug, so jump in and purchase it soon. Like I said, 99 cents.

As you might remember, me and two of my writing pals got together one day and talked trade for a couple hours, covering everything from where ideas for fiction come from to navigating the choppy waters of indie publishing. And I recorded the convo, meaning to put it out as a podcast, but those darned California power outages of October 2019 disappeared the mp3 file for…

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