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16 Weeks But Who’s Counting? #wfh #lookingforward

I’m counting, that’s who. The remainder of my current employment. The number of weeks until I commence my new employment where I’ll be working for … me. Just me, myself, and I.

It’s interesting that the only “work” people seem to understand is that which you do for a company or a government. That if you say you work for yourself, people assume you don’t work at all. It makes me wonder how work is defined.

I think of my mother who held a minimum-wage job for decades (that is considered work) and who managed to keep a house and raise four children mostly on her own (isn’t that work?).

I work everyday. On average, I spend 40 hours a week tethered to an employer who pays me by EFT. The rest of the time I work to keep my house relatively clean, my clothes relatively clean, my cats relatively clean. We run errands (quickly) to make sure we have enough food, cleaning supplies and wine.

I work at staying healthy and fit. I exercise, take walks, work out in our garage, practice yoga.

The work that I want to do but haven’t been doing is writing and reading. Well, that will change in about 16 weeks. I’m counting down. The first thing I plan to do after I resign is sleep.

I’ll keep going for my early morning walks. I’ll still sit at the computer after my walk, but instead of “logging on” to my employer’s network, I’ll log on to my life as a writer.

In the meantime, I’ll take my bliss where and when I can get it.

The surprise of finding a paper wasp in one of our hurricane lilies.

Or the glory of a colorful morning.

Sometimes I get lucky with the sunrises. Sometimes I’m enchanted by a different vision.

While I hate driving in fog, this vision delighted me. I was walking, of course.

I have a bit of fun with my iPhone camera and an app (Insta Toon).

Don’t I look like someone who needs sleep? At least I no longer need a haircut. Temps around here went up to the mid-80s, with itchy humidity to boot. Impatient with trying to get a hair appointment, not to mention to pick out a hair style I can live with, I grabbed my husband’s beard trimmer.

Guide #4. Roughly a 1/2-inch all around. Greg, dear husband that he is, did the finishing touches. Then I had to trim off his hair. We’re twinses now 🙂

Wendy doesn’t think much of our antics. Here she is, sticking out her tongue in distaste.

I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe. I hope you all are finding some bliss–even if in snatches–during these strange times.

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Marie A Bailey

Writer, blogger, knitter, cat lover, and introvert.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of being self-employed. Public perception of this type of employment has always been one of dismissal – but I think you’re up to the task of ignoring all of that and being a productive ’employee’…afterall, you became a self-hairstylist in a moment of need and could care less about the public’s perception of said result!
    16 weeks will go by faster than you think!

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  2. Yay! Glad you’re joining the ranks of the freelance, Marie! How wonderful that you have that to look forward to.
    And what amazing photos!!! Have you ever won a contest for your photography?

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    1. Oh, Linda, you are so sweet to think my photos are award-worthy 🙂 No, I haven’t entered photography contests, but that is something else I can look into when I become my own boss 😉 As well perhaps sending them to journals. I know some journals also request photograph submissions. I might wind up busier than I am now 🙂


  3. I join the other commenters on thinking you will make a great boss and you will love your new employment! Good luck with getting through the countdown period.

    Beautiful photos, too. I’m able to pull my hair back, but my husband really needs a haircut. I won’t do it because I cannot cut a straight line (you can always tell which wrapping paper I’ve used.) 🤣

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    1. Thank you, Merril, and lol about cutting hair. I can’t cut straight either, that’s why I used Greg’s beard trimmer. Even then, he had to even out the clumps I left behind 😉 Fortunately he’s happy with close-cropped hair so I used the trimmer on him. Funny (kind of) story: I was just going to trim the hair on his neck and behind his ears. I inadvertently trimmed off a clump behind his ear, then said, “Honey, how about I trim it all off?” Thank god he said okay!!

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  4. Big changes ahead! I remember when I went from a hectic law practice to sitting in front of my computer. In a new city. By myself. Writing. It took some adjustment, but you will sail along. I love your photos and following you on your walks and how your life is unfolding. Wishing you all the luck )and happiness) in the world.

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    1. Thank you so much, Ellen! I hope you’re well and safe and happy. Louisiana has had such a rough hurricane season so far and the season is not over yet. My heart goes out to everyone along the gulf coast. And thank you for your words of encouragement. Your transition to writing is far more impressive than mine will be. Keeping that perspective in mind, I should be okay 🙂


  5. Yippieeeeeeeeee! You must be over the moon. And I bet you have a pile of books on the nightstand ready to crack open.

    Is this official retirement? Or are you going to consult or something as a bridge to SS?

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    1. Thanks, Kevin! No, I don’t want to consult. I just want to focus on my writing (finish that damn novel Clemency, for one thing) and see how I fare. I’m still interested in tutoring English as a Second Language, but I need some time off first 😉 And, oh yes, do I have a lot of books to read!!

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  6. I agree with you that it is odd how people tend to associate the word “work” only with the making of money. It’s a narrow definition that to me seems to be missing the true meaning of work– which is to undertake a task and see it through to completion. I look forward to reading about how your new lifestyle evolves, knowing that you’ll be working hard to make it happen.

    Wendy is a cute kitty cat, clearly with her own opinions about what is going on. Love the photo.

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