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0 + 4 Weeks: Life with Raji and Camellias

I’m very happy to say that Raji’s transport to the vet on Friday was smoother than I dared hope for. It only took several weeks of stoic patience (on my part) and routine before-meals petting and brushing PLUS one week of frequently feeding him in the new large hard plastic kennel PLUS dosing him with 100mg Gabapentin 2 x day for 3 days.

That’s all it took.

I had my heart set on taking him in the new kennel because I was afraid he’d rip the fabric carrier to shreds. The new kennel is “top loading” (click here if you want to see a picture of it; this is not an affiliate link). He got used to hopping into it and eating his dry meals. Eventually he’d even let us pet him while he ate, and a couple of times I was able to close the lid without him noticing.

It seemed too good to be true that morning, when he hopped into the kennel to feed and I carefully secured the lid. Sure, as soon as he realized he was trapped, he started mewing and pawing at the blanket. He was scared, but I knew he couldn’t get out of the kennel.

The vet inspected his powder puffs and determined that they had shrunk since his last visit. Between that and the fact that his penis was smooth and not barbed, the vet was able to confidently declare him neutered. Well, given that he’s more likely to run away from Junior than stand his ground and fight, I kind of figured the spay and neuter clinic had done their job properly after all.

He was also chipped and his nails were trimmed. Oh, happy day!

Here’s the little snugglebunny acting as if nothing had happened.

He really did bounce back quickly, even though he obviously hated being caged. He let us pet him as soon as he was out. What a relief!

Well, this weekend there were no walks on trails. However, I did walk around the perimeter of our house and “discovered” two blooming camellia bushes. Here’s one:

You see, this is why I need to retire. I don’t even know the flora around my own house.

Well, now I know more and I’ll be spending more time with these luscious flowers in the very near future.

As well as with this guy.

Raji is spending more time in the house interior. Our other three cats are grudgingly getting used to him racing up and down the hallways, sitting in their spots on the back porch, and playing with their toys. Most of the time they are sleeping anyway. Junior has “charged” at Raji a couple of times, but still no fighting, thank goodness. Raji stays cool, but he often seems perplexed that the others don’t think him as adorable as we do.

Hope you all are staying well and safe and happy.

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  1. Great success with Raji! Congratulations!
    I take my Squeaky in to the vet next week….. We’ll see how that goes! ( I’ve had her for a month this Thursday…. We are slowly getting to know each other. She spends less time in the closet now when I’m home with her. She’s 11 but plays like a kitten at times, which is very cute.). Wish me luck! (I’m so looking forward to getting her claws trimmed…. Ouch!)

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    1. Oh, have you taken her yet? I hope it went well, or will go well ๐Ÿ™‚ Patience really is key. Raji now is spending a lot of his day in the house. He’s still skittish but is becoming less so. Squeaky sounds like she’s adapting and that she’ll be a lovely companion ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. She’s (Squeaky) here with me now. It’s an adjustment for both of us! She’s spending less time hiding in the closet these days, so we’re making progress. It really does take patience. A lot of it! She’s very sweet….. Just overwhelmed with a new environment and a new human…. Plus I know my house still smells like my two dear kitties.
        Glad Raji is coming along!

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        1. Good luck! I’m sure it will go fine. Will you be able to be in the exam room with her? Our animal hospital doesn’t let clients in anymore, even if masked (although I’m sure they do if there’s an emergency). We have to wait in the car or do a drop-off and then talk to our vet over the phone. Their system actually works very well, but I do miss being in the exam room.

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          1. Same here… We can’t go into the clinic and have to wait outside….I also really miss being there with them. I’ll report on how the adventure goes….. I’ve been feeding her treats inside the carrier for several days now… I’ll use any trick that I can!

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            1. That’s what worked with Raji as well: feeding him inside the carrier. Well, and we also gave him 100 mg gabapentin 2x day for a couple of days. That definitely helped but Raji is lightening fast. We needed something to slow him down a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰

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