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1WriteWay Will Return to Regular Programming in Two Weeks #hiatus #retirement #movingfurniture

Now that I’m retired, I need a vacation. I need some time to move the furniture around in my brain as well as my house. I survived my last week of work. I survived a lovely surprise retirement party via Microsoft Teams. I was both humbled and thrilled by the outpouring of well wishes and gifts.

I did not realize I was so well-liked and for a brief moment (very brief), I was tempted to say “I’ll stay.” Good thing I didn’t because I am liking my new life.

I want to to spend the next two weeks getting reacquainted with you and your blogs (if you have one) as well as developing some kind of schedule so I can resume my writing and maybe even eventually publish that dang novel.

Comments are closed because I’ll be visiting you and we can talk at your place.

Here’s a photo of me feigning surprise at the delivery of presents by one of my coworkers. (She was kind enough to send me a text ahead of time.)

See y’all soon!