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Flying Blue Flags #natureismychurch #prairieiris

You know the day goes by pretty fast when I affix myself in front of my computer. I was going to wax all poetic about the flowers I’ve been photographing lately, but, my, it’s late in my day. Pretty soon the four amigos will start checking in on us as we work away in our separate rooms and make clear that dinner time is near.

I’m happy to say that I believe I’ve recovered from the dreaded UTI of last week. I do have some fatigue occasionally from the pollen that blankets our house and cars (and somehow finds its way into our dining room and kitchen). My fingers are crossed that April’s showers will wash that pollen away and the oaks will stop (please!) releasing the pollen.

As my time is short (far be it from me to keep the fur beasts from their evening meal), I’ll simply share a couple of photos of the Blue Flags that can be found at the pond (or stormwater facility that it truly is).

According to the National Audubon Society’s Field Guide to Florida, these are Anglepod Blue Flags or “Prairie Iris” (Iris hexagona var. savannarum). Whatever they are called, they are pretty and a delight for the heart and soul.

I hope everyone is well, happy and safe, and that more of you are getting vaccinated every day.


23 thoughts on “Flying Blue Flags #natureismychurch #prairieiris

  1. These are just glorious! The color! And your details are really wonderful. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Marie. Health stuff is such a bummer. But you’re right that nature somehow makes everything ok. XO

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  2. I do love iris of all types. The strong bearded ones, and these delicate ones, which can grow here in LA where bearded iris cannot. Thank you for brightening my day with them as mine haven’t begun to bloom yet.

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    1. Thank you, Leo! I do enjoy taking photos with my iPhone. I’m thinking of upgrading once the new iPhones come out later this year. In the meantime, I’m thinking of getting a macro lens for my iPhone 😉


  3. I’ve tried to grow iris here and they do not happen. I’ll enjoy your photos instead. Happy to read that you’re feeling better. Now you can get back to being a newby retiree.

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  4. I’m glad you are feeling better. I’ve fallen a little behind in my blog reading and writing, so I did not know you were feeling bad. I love all the irises. Although, I’ve just weeded out a big bucketful of Iris foetidissima citrina. They had seeded around everywhere. Too many! I got my first vaccine shot yesterday. 🙌🏼💚🙌🏼

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