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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #149: Cool Colors — Blue and Green

This week, the challenge is from Tina at Travels and Trifles: “we are returning to the color wheel and its cooler members, which include blue (primary) green (secondary) and blue-green or blue-violet aka purple (tertiary). A visit to the web on the subject will take you deep into the emotions said to result from exposure to these and other colors. For this week’s purposes, let’s simply explore the many ways the cooler colors appear in our world.”

Let’s hear it for green and blue!

Hydrangeas are in full bloom in my neighborhood. The top two photos are from a corner bush on one street, the bottom from across my house. One of the many things I love about hydrangeas is how you can have different colors–from true blue to bluish purple to light purple–in the same bush.

This sign (above photo) has been up for the past year. You know why. I love seeing it.

This treasure (above photo) was spotted on our walk at the Timberlane Ravine where I had seen an assortment of figurines. (Story about that is here.) Some of the figurines are there, some have been taken, some have been added. It’s a thing, apparently, and I might participate by leaving one of my figurines there someday.

Here’s one of my own lovelies, a pot of Lobelia which we bought not just because it’s so pretty, but it’s supposed to attract hummingbirds. I haven’t seen the two hummingbirds that visit us seek out the Lobelia, but we also put out sugar water for them. Why go for a sip when you can have a big gulp?

I hope you enjoyed my contribution to the challenge. If you wish to participate, please remember to link your response to Tina’s original post and to use the Lens-Artists Tag. Next week’s challenge will be hosted by Dianne Millard of Rambling Ranger. Be sure to check out her blog and watch for her post next week.

Until next time, stay well, healthy, and happy!

25 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #149: Cool Colors — Blue and Green

  1. Beautiful Hydrangea blooms, Good to know Lobelia can attract hammingbirds. I love the “Thank You” sign under the tree! Thank you for sharing the treasure you spotted. 🙂

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  2. Your little figurine is perfect for the week Marie, and she looks so sweet in front of the green grasses. Not only that but she’s a hydrangea girl which ties perfectly to your beautiful flowers. Excellent! I also loved the health care worker sign, very unique entry!

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  3. I like all of your photos. The colors are fresh and inviting. I didn’t know that Lobelia are supposed to attract hummingbirds. Our hummers go for the roses and bee balm. Now I want to get some Lobelia and see what happens.

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    1. Oh, dear! We have them in abundance, at least in my neighborhood. They seem to do quite well, although most of the ones I see are old, established bushes. Maybe they like Florida’s heat and humidity 😉

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  4. So lovely to see the cooler colors, especially since this week the temperatures will be on the warmer side in my neck of the woods. 😁 Hydrangeas are so beautiful!

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