Waiting for Good News Sometimes Pays Off

You all were so kind with my last post that I want to give you a brief update. Bear with me because the news starts out as not-good.

My sister had a setback on Saturday. She was moved back to the hospital and given IV fluids. We were all very upset, not understanding what was happening to her, and I still don’t know what happened. But the IV fluids worked! Early this morning my sister called her husband from the hospital and talked to him for 20 minutes! He reported that she was lucid, doing well, acting like her normal self. Since this morning, I’ve been getting texts from my nephews as they visit her and share their joy.

My sister was transferred back to the nursing home today, and I was able to talk to her this afternoon. She doesn’t remember anything about the weekend except that she had weird dreams. She chatted about how much she needs to get her hair washed and what clothes her husband should bring her since she’ll be in rehab for a while. She laughed and complained that her roommate had the TV on too loud so she wants someone to bring her ear plugs … otherwise she’ll go deaf. She laughed, and I was flooded with relief. She’s going to be okay.

As for my cat Maxine: after two weeks on antibiotics, she still has bacteria in her urine and elevated white blood count so a culture was sent off to a lab. We went through this with her a couple of years ago, trying different antibiotics and then a different vet (heh heh). We learned that an old cat such as herself could have a UTI that is untreatable by antibiotics. The thing is, she seems just fine. Aside from being hit-and-miss with the litter boxes, she’s spunky … like my sister.

Maxine in her least favorite place … a pet taxi.


Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. I liked the more personal touch of your last post, Marie. I think sometimes we can feel a real kinship with each other when we share ourselves. I’m glad to hear your sister is better after a rough weekend. Was she dehydrated? Or her electrolytes out of whack? Oh, Maxine. We do love these little furry babes! I have one with a never ending UTI. She’s had blood in her urine for over a year. She’s had tests and ultrasounds and new meds. Nothing. She’s on prednisolone every other day to keep symptoms tolerable. I’m sending lots of good thoughts to you and yours. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Cheryl! I bet she was dehydrated. I just think the hospital moved her to the nursing home too soon. She was being treated for a UTI on top of everything else. But she is better now and her husband and sons are doubly vigilant too. Re: Maxine. That’s good to know (well, good for me to know but not for you or your kitty to endure) that one of your cats has a never-ending UTI. Max really does seem fine otherwise so I’m hesitant to make a big deal out of it. She’s on prednisolone, too, for pancreatitis. She takes it every day; the best part of that is she cleans her bowl so she’s getting her nutrients 🙂

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  2. So glad to hear both “girls” are spunky! That’s a relief about your sister, for sure.
    And Max, ah Max, you are such a little beauty. And similar to my girl Pear. Pear has not used a litter box in about six months now. I have pee pads around the box, and she goes on those. At first she would study my face afterwards to see if I would get mad. As if. I’ve never been mad at her in my life. The rest of them, yes. haha The box is so high up to step into and then to step out of it. Just not worth it.

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    1. Yes, Max is like your Pear, just a little younger 😉 I was watching her today as she used the litter box. I’m really glad I bought one with low sides. She goes in at the really low end, pees and/or poops, then exits over the side end. That surprised me until I realized that the sides are lower than the other litter boxes we use. Also, she can’t make sharp turns because of her wobbly hind legs so the low litter box allows her to easily enter and exit. Still, we have the pee pads around because she still misses 😉

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    1. I don’t know what the problem was, and I suspect my brother-in-law and nephews don’t either. They keep talking about getting answers once my sister can see her regular doctors. But she is still doing well, although not as upbeat and energetic as she was Monday. I think (and hope) she’s just tired from all the physical therapy and not sleeping well probably because she’s not in her own bed. It’s also not the nicest nursing home, so I can imagine her feeling depressed at times. Fingers crossed that her broken leg mends well and she can go home in a couple of weeks 🙂

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