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Crow’s Feet, a Medium Publication, is Expanding!

Yes, indeed, I am excited about the future of Crow’s Feet, a publication on Medium. Crow’s Feet publishes poetry and essays on life as we age. I started writing for it a couple of years ago, and I’ve enjoyed watching it take off. Recently, I became a member of Crow’s Feet Social Media team, and I want to share our newest developments. 


We now have a Crow’s Feet Facebook Group where we share stories from Crow’s Feet and discuss the many aspects of life as we age. You can ask to join the group by clicking here. You do not have to be of a certain age to join. We want to encourage readers and writers of all ages to participate in the group and to write for Crow’s Feet. We want to redefine aging to reflect the fact that getting older can be a positive and joyful experience.


A Crow’s Feet Podcast is also in the works. I’m not working on that team, but Crow’s Feet is looking for a volunteer who could do the post-production of the podcast. If you are familiar with the audio editing software Audacity, or with equalizing the audio, we want you on the team. Please contact us at if you’re interested.

Writing Prompts

About twice monthly, Crow’s Feet will offer a writing prompt. The first one was on retirement. You can read my response at Retired But Not From Life

Writing Prompt # 2 acknowledges International Women’s Day. We want to hear about the changes you have seen in the past 60+ years regarding women’s rights, their contributions to society, and the long road ahead. Click here to read the full prompt. Please be sure to include Prompt #2 in the subheading of your article and tag it “Crows Feet Writing Prompt.”

You will need to have a Medium account to write for Crow’s Feet, but you do not need to be a subscriber. 

Whether you’re 25 wondering what life will be like at 50, or you’re 50 wondering what you need to do to prepare for retirement, or you’re 80 and happily checking off items on your bucket list, please join us in writing and reading Crow’s Feet stories.



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