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Merril posted a random word list this morning. You can read it here: Merril’s Random Word List

When I saw the list of words, I started putting them together. Of course, adding in a few of my own. I believe I’ve managed to include all the words in the list. I don’t know what you would call the following (if anything), but it was fun to do. It’s also quite rough, but I suppose that’s obvious.


I need some fast material
To copy, detach, and vanish
Into a glorious seed sack
Made out of my beggar skirt.

Don’t imitate my voiceless polish.
Conspire, instead, conclude some tasty paint.
Add general onerous hobbies that scab and construe.

I am capable although I appear to deprive.
It’s in my walk, offset and misty,
A simple, illustrious ornament from my youthful but elderly mother

She doesn’t wear a nappy but she’s cagey.
She preset the celery to a paltry stew.
I stimulate the waggish ink unit in exchange for something tasteful.

I offer a shiver of hope that will hit the tree,
Leave the correct but tasteless and spooky indent.

Useless. So useless.

I emit an aberrant and callous hush,
Spy a stereotyped representative, his knee sturdy, cloudy, and square.
I hinder his needy hose with paste,
Satisfy his hate,
Disobey and encroach on the stone where a mean flash of a friend lies tired but exuberant.

I measure my mother.
She makes a soup of a questionable cut.
I infuse and injure it with a full absurd and icky taboo.

I suck and
Produce a heartbreaking recess of robust reading.

I’m not sure Junior and Raji approve of this “poem.”

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Marie A Bailey

Writer, blogger, knitter, cat lover, and introvert.

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  1. Look at those two sitting together so nicely!!!! Just wonderful.
    Love your “nonsense” poem, Marie! It’s also a great base for chiseling, too,because there are some real gems of meaning and image in there! I’ll have to check out Merril’s post! Of course, right now I’m panting from trying to keep up with all these kitty needs! Did you know kittens pee and poo every hour?!!! And two kittens is 2x the litter box goodies! And of course Tiger. Sigh.

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