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Lens-Artists Challenge #250 – Skyscapes or Cloudscapes

This week’s challenge comes from Amy of The World is A Book. She asks us to share our “cloudscapes over land, sea, or cities, or just clouds.” I love clouds and am often looking up to see what they’re doing, and just as often I trip over my feet trying to take photos of them. I knew I had a lot of photos of clouds stashed on my computer so I was up for this challenge. I slogged through, selecting this one and that one when I came to my collection of sunset photos taken when we were in Savannah, Georgia. They still take my breath away, although my photos don’t do true justice to what we saw that evening. The photos were taken in January 2016 with an iPhone 5S. No filters. Seriously, the colors you’ll see here are the colors I saw with my naked eyes.

I started “snapping” photos at about 4:23 PM and finished close to 6:00 PM. The scenery will change because I took photos at different angles along the Savannah River. Enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this series. If you want to join in, make a link to Amy’s original post (click here) and tag Lens-Artists so you can be found through the WP Reader.

33 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #250 – Skyscapes or Cloudscapes

  1. Beautiful—and I am also inclined to photograph clouds. Not everyone appreciates just vapor in air. I recall my first term Drawing prof at the UW telling us about a painter who only painted clouds. He assigned us water.

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  2. I love seeing how you positioned yourself in the same place to show us the sequence of the sunset. It really is amazing to see the changes. I especially love the purple sky and the one that make the evening appear so calm. Yes, the skies have a way of taking our breath away…everyday

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      1. Gorgeous. Our daytime sky is generally hohum blue with one or two white fluffs but Arizona has gorgeous sunsets that I can’t see from home because we face the wrong way.

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