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Writing Programs and Workshops, yet again

In the March/April 2009 issue of the Writer’s Chronicle, Renée Olander interviews poet Baron Wormser, who says of writing programs, “[w]hat a writing program shows you is what’s involved with trying to be a good writer. I don’t think that’s the same thing as pumping out writers. Writing is a […]

New Year’s Resolution

The Writer  has a (too) brief interview with Kristin Landon, sci-fi author, in its January 2009 issue.  This advice from Landon is something that has taken me years to learn and yet I still make the mistake.  So here is it as (one of) my New Year’s Resolution: “Wedging yourself into […]

An Irrational Enterprise

Last Sunday’s New York Times has a great article by David Gessner about writing and teaching and survival as a writer in the academy.  Read the entire article here.  Gessner writes eloquently about the sense of captivity that some writers may feel, compelled as they are to work for a […]

What does “MFA” stand for?

Fellow blogger Chicklit provides this link to a great story by Margo Rabb, published in All-Story.  Rabb provides a funny and insightful perspective on MFA programs.  I’ve always had mixed feelings about MFA programs:  sometimes I want to enroll in the one at my local university, and take advantage of […]