What Day Is It? And Does It Matter?

I thought Wednesday was Saturday but I knew Thursday was Thursday and, so far, I'm confident that today is Friday (and my calendar says so too). Tomorrow should be Saturday and I just hope I don't think it's Wednesday because I have a couple of appointments and getting my days wrong would really screw things… Continue reading What Day Is It? And Does It Matter?

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Crow’s Feet, a Medium Publication, is Expanding!

Yes, indeed, I am excited about the future of Crow's Feet, a publication on Medium. Crow's Feet publishes poetry and essays on life as we age. I started writing for it a couple of years ago, and I've enjoyed watching it take off. Recently, I became a member of Crow's Feet Social Media team, and… Continue reading Crow’s Feet, a Medium Publication, is Expanding!


The Beat Goes On

You know I had to read my last post to see where I left off. Lol. Apologies for my absence from the blogosphere, not so much for not writing as for not reading. Whoa, I am so behind that I might not bother to try and catch up.  Update on my sister: Last week she… Continue reading The Beat Goes On

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Getting Older and Getting Better #aging #writing

As if I needed another reason to anticipate a new chapter in my life, I received word yesterday that an anthology of essays and poems on aging--including one of my own--has just been published!

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My New Mantra: “I’m Too Old For This” #MondayBlogs #2old4this

As too many of you know, I struggle with keeping up with social media.  I often feel overwhelmed with the tsunami of memes, messages, Likes, Invites, and other cacophonous clatter that greets me whenever I go to the feed of my Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ accounts.  (Strangely I don't feel that way when I… Continue reading My New Mantra: “I’m Too Old For This” #MondayBlogs #2old4this